Sample Videos

Need a voice? Lisa’s got you. Need some copy? Lisa’s got you. Need a simple video? Lisa’s got you.

Need to mix and match or all three? Guess what? Yup. Lisa’s got you.

A few sample videos I’ve created are below to show some of the available styles. Each of these was created 100% by me – from writing the copy to recording the voiceover to the video creation, editing, and mastering. 

Videos will help your clients know about your services or your customers about your specials. They will teach your employees about protocols and your partners about procedures.

You choose the style. You choose the colors. You choose the content. I provide the options, you make the decisions. Working with your in-house team or production company is no problem either. We can get this done quickly and stay budget-friendly. My rates are reasonable and I’m a fast worker who always keeps her clients in the loop.

See something you like? See something you almost like? Want something totally different? Contact me with your thoughts and we’ll go from there. I’m here to help.

How do you get your message across on a budget? A short, sweet, and simple video with no voiceover and copy you provide!
No tone... 😉

How do you drive people to schedule with your sales team? With an explainer video, animated infographic style (with a touch of superhero)!
Engaging tone.

What experience can clients expect? Show them with a video about your top services!
Calm and Serene tone.

What makes your company stand out? Tell customers and clients with a corporate explainer video!
Kind and Authoritative tone.

What can I do for your company? I tell you a little about that here.
Confident and Conversational tone.