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About Lisa

Who I Am

Essentially, I'm a hermetic, neurospicy Stoic vegan who practices Iyengar yoga. I'm a stargazer, a rock hound, and an animal lover.

Mississippi born. Raised on the Gulf Coast, in central Florida, and the North Carolina Piedmont. Adulted in St. Louis, Missouri. Now lurking in a log cabin in Appalachia.

Education: BA, English | BA, Philosophy - summa cum laude

For audiobooks, I've studied with the best and continue learning regularly. From Deyan Masterclasses to workshops or 1:1s with Johnny Heller or Jesse Bickford-Coghill, I'm always honing my craft.


All of life's happy (and not so happy) accidents culminated into a magical career.

What I do

Areas of expertise

While I can complete many puzzles, these are my primary fields. Helping my clients however I can is a lifelong passion.

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  • – Academic/Scholarly Nonfiction
  • – Social Sciences/Psychology
  • – Mystery/Thriller
  • – Middle Grade
  • – and more!


  • – Documentary
  • – Corporate
  • – e-Learning/Educational
  • – Audio Description

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Sound Engineer

  • – Post-production
  • –– Proof
  • –– Edit
  • –– Master


  • – Research & Analysis
  • – Document Creatiom
  • – Content Creation
  • – and much, much more.

My Work

Selected Projects & Interviews

I Contain Multitudes

Lisa bleeds Blue.


My Random 2 Cents

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My Services

  • – Audiobook Narration
  • – Voiceover
  • – Audio Description
  • – Sound Engineering
  • – Consulting
© StoiCat Productions, LLC 2024. All Rights Reserved.